Transforming Faces provides free, local, and ongoing multi-disciplinary cleft care for children and adults in developing countries.

TF Staff

We help thousands of children around the world because of our strong team of supporters, volunteers, community health partners and service providers. In addition to these dedicated individuals and organizations, our team is made up of staff who are passionately committed to achieving our mission.


Hugh is an experienced organizational capacity-builder, grant-maker and learning facilitator. He has served with large organizations such as World Vision, as well as helping to found a grassroots non-profit focused on supporting Indigenous youth in healthy and active living. Hugh is inspired by the resilience of children with a cleft palate, and by the work of TF partners as they provide excellent multidisciplinary, sustainable cleft care across the globe.


Abdon joined the team in November 2014. He manages TF’s programs in South America, as well as the development of new programs and partnerships. Prior to joining the TF team, Abdon worked as a Program Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean with the Canadian Lutheran World Relief in Winnipeg. He is excited to support the capacity building of our international partners in order to help transform the lives of children born with cleft lip and palate.


Cari joined the TF family in January 2017. She is proud to be part of such a dedicated team that is committed to providing long-term, multidisciplinary cleft care to children and adults across the globe. Her experiences living in South Africa, Mali, Thailand and Canada helped shape her deep interest in international relations and human rights. She is a steadfast optimist with a passion for language and a hope of sharing the powerful stories of TF’s patients, partners and supporters.


Courtney manages TF programs in South & Southeast Asia and in Africa. She started at TF in 2014 and is thrilled to be part of an organization that is building strong, sustainable partnerships to address a critical gap in cleft care services overseas. Courtney has a passion for storytelling and brings a professional background in international development and project management to this role. She has worked for international health and education organizations in South Africa and Vietnam.


Irene possesses over 20 year experience in non-profit fundraising and management.  Most recently she worked for Mackenzie Investments and played a key role in the launch of their Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation program.   Prior to her time at Mackenzie, Irene held positions with the Toronto Community Foundation and World Vision Canada. Irene left World Vision  in the spring of 1995 to care for her youngest daughter Rachel who was born with Pierre Robin Syndrome. She is the main point of contact for TF’s donors and is responsible for organizing our annual fundraising events, Beautiful Before & After and Salsa for Smiles. Irene hopes that, one day, the exceptional quality of cleft palate care offered to families in Canada will be the standard around the globe.


Melanie has worked with Transforming Faces since 2004. She really appreciates that her work allows her to make a difference in the lives of others. Melanie studied Business Administration / Accounting at St. Lawrence and Algonquin Colleges and the CGA (Certified General Accountants Association). She has 13 years of experience in the field of accounting and administration in Canada and at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC. She has a specific interest in the non-profit sector.


With a strong professional accounting background, Susana has over 20 years of experience working in the field of accounting, administration and finance within the private, non-governmental, charitable and community sectors. She has a strong interest in human rights and development issues. Susana has worked with the Jesuit Centre for Social Faith and Justice, Greenpeace, Our Times Publishing, and Lorne Waldman Barrister and Solicitor, in a variety of accounting and managerial positions and has been an active a volunteer in refugee organizations, human rights groups and community organizations in Argentina and Canada.

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