Transforming Faces provides free, local, and ongoing multi-disciplinary cleft care for children and adults in developing countries.

Give – Donate to Transforming Faces

A one-time gift of $220 gives a child cleft palate/lip surgery & rehabilitation

Or donate $20/month and double your impact

When you donate $20/month for a year, a private foundation matches your donationPLUS – we direct 100% of your donation to long-term cleft lip and palate care.

Why Give to Transforming Faces

Children’s physical and psychological health dramatically improves with comprehensive care for cleft lip and cleft palate.

Comprehensive cleft lip and palate care includes cleft palate/lip surgery, nutrition support, speech therapy, oral health, counselling and ongoing care.

In developing countries, millions of children and adults live with unrepaired cleft palate and cleft lip. Many are abandoned shortly after birth, or kept hidden away from society. Most find it difficult to attend school, communicate easily, find jobs or get married.

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