Transforming Faces provides free, local, and ongoing multi-disciplinary cleft care for children and adults in developing countries.

Why give?

Why Should I donate? 

Your donation will support free, local cleft care for a child or adult in a developing country. Your donation will also support local, comprehensive cleft teams

In some developing countries, children and adults suffer with unrepaired clefts. Many are abandoned shortly after birth, or kept hidden away from society. Most find it difficult to attend school, communicate easily, find jobs or get married.

Your support will allow these children to lead full lives. 


What sets Transforming Faces apart?100per cent

  • 100% Model: 100% of all donations are directed to our cleft programs
  • Matching: Donations of $20/month or $200+ will be matched 
  • A small and efficient Canadian charity
  • We are a values-driven, non-faith-based organization and offer support to all children regardless of race, gender, culture, religion or family background.
  • Beyond the Initial Surgery: We work in partnership with local cleft specialists, in their cities and towns, using existing infrastructure, available resources, staff and funding sources to provide high quality, comprehensive cleft care
  • Community sustainability: We work in partnership with community groups, building local skills and opportunities.
  • Transparent in all our practices and accountable to the children and families we serve, as well as the supporters who make our work possible
  • Our method is endorsed by the American Cleft Palate – Craniofacial Association

A note about fundraising

It is our philosophy to direct as many of our resources as possible to our cleft programs. All fundraising is done in-house with the collaboration of a fundraising committee.We raise funds by mailing our supporters once a year and hosting two annual fundraising events. We respect the privacy of our donors. We do not rent, sell or trade our mailing list.