Closing the gap in cleft care
Transforming Faces provides free, local, and ongoing multi-disciplinary cleft care for children and adults in developing countries.
  • What is a Cleft Lip and Palate?


    Cleft lip and palate is one of the most common birth anomalies in the world. 

    A cleft occurs when the parts which make up the lip and palate fail to fuse properly. 

    It can affect a child’s appearance, speech, teeth, eating, hearing and ability to develop socially. 

    Cleft lip and palate can be successfully treated using a comprehensive team approach, but in developing nations, this approach is often lacking. 

    Find out how we close the gap in cleft care.




  • Latest News

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      Thank you for coming out to support lives transformed on May 21.

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      Find out what you could win at this year’s Beautiful Before & After Celebration this Thursday May 21!

    • Lives Transformed: Meet Sifen

      Sifen Alemayehu was born with cleft lip in rural Ethiopia. At 3-months-old, she began receiving care at our partner hospital, Yekatit 12. Sifen’s family is overjoyed by her transformation and the care they have received.

    • A Bright Future for Iniya

      20-year-old Iniya’s story is one of true transformation. Since 2007, she has received comprehensive care for her cleft lip and palate and one day, hopes to provide the same quality of care for other families.